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Basketball was invented in 1891 by a gym teacher who had dual nationality. James Naismith was from the United States and was a Canadian-American. Over time the sport has become one of the most popular sports in the world. It is the third biggest sport in the United States and has grown significantly across the globe. The biggest league in the United States is called the National Basketball Association, or more commonly the NBA. It is the best league in the world in terms of talent, popularity, money, and the overall high standard of teams in the division. It is a sport which is competed in the Summer Olympics.

Basketball is contested between two teams, each with five people a side-on. The main objective is to shoot a basketball in the defender’s hoop. The hoot is attached to a backboard at each end of the basketball court. The hoop is around 18 inches wide, sat on a mount of approximately 10 feet. Three points are given to a longer shot, behind the three-point line. Two points are awarded to a shot from within that area that finds its way into the hoop.

One of the most famous shots in basketball is the slam dunk. This is scored by a player jumping in the air and placing the ball directly through the hoop or basket. The player will also touch the rim with one or both hands. A slam dunk is worth two points and is often cheered by the crowd.

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