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    Baseball is a game played between two competing teams that will alternate fielding and batting. It is a bat and ball game with nine players on each team. Baseball evolved from similar bat and ball games that originated from England in around the 1750s. The game was introduced to North America by immigrants to the United States in particular. It was quickly adapted to the modern game that we see now. Such was the growth in the States it became the national sport by the 19th century. The team with the most runs ultimately wins the game. A run is scored when the offensive team hits the ball and allows its players to run around all the bases.

    In each of the USA and Canada there is a Major League Baseball (also known as the MLB). There is the National League and American League, each of which is divided into three further divisions. These are East, West, and Central. The best teams will compete in the playoffs and then the World Series. The game has been hugely commercialised and continues to be one of the most popular sports in America. It is currently considered the second most popular sport in the States.

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