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American Football is the most popular sport in the United States. This is in terms of how many people watch it on TV. It is known simply as Football in the US and Canada. Further afield, it is known as American Football. It can often be confused with ‘soccer’ as it is known in the United States. The game is also called Gridiron and originated in the U.S from the sports of rugby and soccer. The first game took place in 1869 and has evolved significantly since. Nowadays the sport involves two teams of 11 players taking turns to be offense or defense. The offensive team aims to get to the opposing team’s end zone to score a touchdown. The defense’s job is to stop them.

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle game in the NFL (National Football League) season. It is a huge event in the American calandar and is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. This is why advertising space for commercials is highest at this time, than at any other time on American TV. Merchandise is a huge business in America. All fans of the finalists sport their jerseys on this day. If you had an signed American football jersey, it is a day to get it out and show to your friends.

The first American football uniform was made of wool or cotton sweaters. They have come some way now. Jerseys are all about breathability, sleekness, and vibrant colours. The Broncos brought in spandex jerseys in 1997 which caught on. They are all the rage in America and the fans are proud to wear their team’s colours, not just for matches, but for general day-to-day wear. This is why signed American football shirts are a huge business in the States. Nike revolutionised the jerseys in the 1990s to make them fashion statements. They adapted the fit and durability, reducing the quantity of seams in the jerseys. The fit of the jerseys was improved and the middle-length sleeves were reduced to short sleeves. Furthermore, the fit around the shoulders were the pads go was more of a stretchy fit, meaning they would look just as good on with or without pads.

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