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WTA stands for the Women’s Tennis Association. The WTA Tour is the highest tier of women’s tennis in the world. Similar to the men’s tour, it includes all of the top tournaments for women across the world. These include the Grand Slam tournaments – The Australian Open, The French Open, Wimbledon and the The US Open. They also include other tournaments such as the WTA Finals and a number of varations of WTA including 1000/500/250. Signed WTA tour tennis balls, signed by some of the biggest tennis stars, go for huge sums at fundraising events.

Again similar to the men’s, each range of tournaments have different ranking points and prize money offered to them. The biggest tournaments such as the major Grand Slams generate higher average prize money and more ranking points. If a woman won a Grand Slam tournament they would earn 1,500 ranking points. The points go towards the World Ranking leaderboard. Whoever earns the most points becomes the top-ranking player in the world.

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