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Stefano Tsitsipas is a professional tennis player from Greece. He has a career-high of being ranked number 3 in the world of tennis. This achievement has made him the best Greek tennis player. He is intent on increasing the popularity of the sport of tennis across Greece. Tsitsipas is definitely making headway in achieving this with his successes in the game. He was born in 1998 and is the 2nd youngest player in the top 10 ATP rankings.

Tsitsipas was born into a family renowned for playing tennis. His father was a tennis coach, whereas his mother played on the professional women’s tour. He started playing tennis aged just three and was ranked World number one as a junior. Tsitsipas reached the semi-final of the French Open in 2021. He was two sets to love ahead, although eventually lost 3-2 in five sets.

Stefano Tsitsipas plays most of his game on the baseline and is an aggressive player. He has a strong forehand, strong serve often using topspin to add an extra edge. Controversy does follow Stefano Tsitsipas. He is renowned for making a large number of unforced errors and for taking long toilet breaks.