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Welsh Rugby Memorabiia Six Nations stalwarts Wales are well known worldwide as one of the founding nations of rugby. The Welsh love affair with rugby began in the mid 1800s, when it was introduced by Reverend Roland Williams at St David’s College. By the 1890s the Welsh developed the three quarters formation – which completely revolutionised the sport and was eventually adopted universally.

Wales has a long history of game-changing breakthroughs and record wins. They’re currently listed third in the Men’s World Rugby Rankings, having won the championship a whopping 26 times, sharing the title 9 times. They’ve also clinched 11 Grand Slams, securing their greatest win against Japan (98-0) in November 2004. Whilst they’ve appeared in the Rugby World Cup 8 times, Wales have yet to clinch a win, and their third place result in 1987 remains their highest result in the competition to date.

Welsh Rugby Memorabilia Rugby is firmly ingrained in the Welsh psyche. It is a source of great passion and pride for the nation – a strong aspect of the culture, society and identity of modern Wales. David Andrew was quoted as saying: ‘To the popular consciousness, rugby is as Welsh as coal mining, male voice choirs, How Green Was My Valley, Dylan Thomas and Tom Jones.’ 

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