Signed Boxing Memorabilia

Shop our signed boxing memorabilia with photos, gloves, caps, shirts & mitts. We have authentic autographs from boxing legends right up to the present day, where we have obtained actual signing proof! All our boxing memorabilia comes with a certificate of authenticity (COA), free UK delivery and fast worldwide shipping!

Fierce fighting, inflated egos and sell-out stadiums. There’s nothing quite like boxing – which attracts millions of spectators each year worldwide. As a sport it is thought to have originated in ancient Greece, where it was a popular fixture at the Olympic Games.

Modern boxing however is a far cry from the bare-fisted battles of the ancient Greeks. Rugged, exhilarating yet polished and slick, boxing is now a multi-million-pound global industry. Now hotly anticipated fights take place in glamorous locations all over the world – from Las Vegas, Madison Square Gardens and the Yankee Stadium in New York to Wembley and Old Trafford. Various different disciplines come under the boxing umbrella – from WBA and WBC to UFC, which is dominated by MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Within boxing itself there are two categories, amateur and professional. There are fourteen weight classes, from pin weight and flyweight to heavyweight and super heavyweight.

Boxing has birthed many legends over the years – from the iconic Muhammad Ali to doggedly determined Frank Bruno and Evander Holifield. Unforgettable moments in the ring include Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali’s fifteen-round fight which saw Ali defeated for the first time, and the historic match when undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champ Mike Tyson was beaten via knockout by underdog Buster Douglas. Its wide appeal draws fans from all over the world, and boxers themselves hail from Russia, Thailand, America and the UK. As a sport it is accessible compared with others which require large amounts of funding and specialist equipment – therefore champions come from a variety of backgrounds.

Here at Firma Stella you’ll find a fantastic selection of authentic items from some of boxing’s greatest legends from around the world both past and present day, including David Haye, Chris Eubank, Manny Pacquiao and Anthony Joshua. Source signed boxing gloves, photographs and mounted displays as one-off pieces or the complete your existing collection.