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A name synonymous with Moto GP – one of the sport’s brightest stars. Valentino Rossi is arguably the most successful professional road racer of modern times.

His father Graziano Rossi was himself an ex-professional motorcycle racer – so the young Valentino began racing at a very early age. Although he started out riding bikes his mother was concerned for his safety – so Graziano bought him a go-kart. This started him down a road that ultimately would have led him to Formula One – but instead (due to the high costs associated with the sport) he switched to Minimoto around the age of eleven.

Rossi started out on the 125cc and 250cc European and World Championship circuit. By 1999 he’d won his first World Championship title, with five pole positions and nine wins. This led him to progress to 500cc, clinching his first World Championship 500cc win with Honda in 2001. When Moto GP began Rossi was at the forefront of a group of drivers eager to race – and the rest is history. He parted ways with Honda in 2004 to move to Yamaha, and by 2009 he’d won his ninth championship title. After a brief stint with Ducati he returned to Yamaha, the team he races with to this day.

Valentino Rossi is a record breaker. He’s the only rider in the history of the World Championship to have won in four different classes – 125cc, 250cc, 500cc and of course Moto GP – which he has won 6 times. He has consistently dominated throughout his career, often confirming a win way before the finish line. Sports Illustrated asserted that Rossi is one of the highest earning sports personalities in the world, netting $35 million in 2009.

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