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The trading name of the World Wrestling Entertainment is known as the WWE. The Headquarters are based in Stamford, Connecticut. The company was founded in 1953 as Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd. They rebranded in 1980 to Titan Sports, before changing their name again to the World  Wrestling Federation in 1999. The trade name WWE came into effect in 2002. Wrestling is a huge industry across the globe, in particular in the United States. This is why signed WWE memorabilia is in such high demand in all corners of the world. Many wrestling fanatics will seek a WWE autograph at some of the huge events the company runs.

Professional wrestlers are often tied to contracts offering exclusivity to the WWE. This means they can only perform on specific WWE events or bouts. Each winner of one of these bouts will receive a belt. Many people will question whether the wrestling involves contact, or is real. The most important thing to note is wrestlers are performers and will play to the crowd, often stirring up crazed reactions from their adoring fans.

We have an exclusive range of signed WWE memorabilia to choose from. These include a variety of items including signed WWE belts, photos, and shorts used by some of the world’s biggest wrestlers.