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Horse racing involves a number of horses being ridden by riders, or jockeys as they are known in the sport. It has a long history and dates back to Ancient times. The Ancient Greeks and Romans used Chariot racing to entertain spectators. It dates back to around 700 BC. Chariot racing was a hugely popular sport but posed great danger to the horses and riders alike. Many would be ridden to their death.

Horse racing became popular in Britain in the eighteenth century. King Charles II was a huge fan of the equestrian sport and promoted Newmarket as a key town to conduct races. Newmarket remains one of the biggest dates on the racing calendar to this day. There are numerous types of racing. These include Flat racing, Jump racing, Harness racing, and Endurance racing. Horses are bred specifically to race in each of these different formats. One of the most famous racing in the UK is the Grand National. Millions of pounds are spent by punters betting on the winner of the race.

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