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Darts is mostly played across the UK and Ireland, although it is a pastime played worldwide. Its origins date back to the 1860s in the United Kingdom. Traditionally it is played across pubs, although it is now a professional sport with a huge following. The game involves a dartboard which is the target and darts which are the objects thrown at it. Darts consists of a number of different parts. These include the flight which allows the dart to fly in the air, in addition to the point which enters the board. The final components are the barrel and the shaft.

The dartboard includes 20 numbers from one to twenty. Each number is separated by wires. Within these numbers are additional portions where people can score more points. These include a double at the top, and treble in the middle of the number. If a dart hit a double for example, the score of that number would be doubled. The board also consists of a centre circle which is divided into two circles. The inner circle scores fifty, and the outer circle scores twenty-five. Many darts players now sport flamboyant haircuts and fancy shirts and play to the crowd. The fans are often fanatical and sing along to pre-planned music. This is one of the reasons why signed darts shirts are popular amongst darts fans.

There are a number of different games in darts. The most common game in World darts is 501. This is where players must start at 501 and work their way down to 0 by scoring points. They must finish on zero ending on a double. This format is played at the Darts World Championship.

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