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Cycling is absolutely huge here in the UK. It has made a phenomenal comeback within the last decade, thanks to the high-profile success and Olympic wins for Great Britain on the world stage. Internationally cycling is loved all over the world – especially in Europe, where Germany, Belgium, Italy, France and the Netherlands all top the league tables in terms of domestic and professional cycling.

Cycling in fact originated here in the UK. English inventor John Kemp Starley is widely accredited with inventing the modern bicycle – producing his Rover Safety Bicycle in 1885. Despite a historical love affair with the sport professional British cycling experienced a slump throughout the 20th century – but in the 21st century, success has risen significantly, with the GB team dominating medal tables for three consecutive Olympic Games. Meanwhile, Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome have scooped major wins at professional road races, notably the Tour de France. This renewed interest at home has expanded into a more generic love for cycling – with more people each year taking it up as a way to get fit and get about without a car.

Spain, Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands are amongst the most successful countries in the sport of cycling worldwide, both in road racing and on the track. Each year the hotly anticipated Tour de France take place, a gruelling course through mountainous terrain which offers a true test of agility, speed, skill and stamina. Participants hail from all over the world including the USA, Belgium, Switzerland and Australia.

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