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The Open is considered by many golfers to be the most exclusive golf tournament in the world. It is the oldest golf tournament, established in 1860. The tournament is known by a number of names. It is held in Britain which is why many people call it the British Open. It is also known as The Open Championship, or simply the Open. The reason why it goes by the name of The Open, is because it allows both professionals and amateurs to play. It is one of the four major golf tournaments in the world. The Open is usually the final championship of the year, held in July. Many golfers consider it their favourite championship. This is why items such as signed Open flags are in high demand amongst golf fans. The winner of the tournament gets a Claret Jug plus $2,500,00o prize money.

The vast majority of tournaments are held on links courses. These are courses that are situated on the coast and can be challenging to play. They are open to the elements with little protection from trees. Players have to adapt their game to play on these courses. The most famous course, St. Andrews, holds the tournament once every five years.

We have an exclusive range of signed Open memorabilia to choose from. These include a variety of items including signed Open flags, golf balls, and clubs used by some of the world’s greatest golf players.