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The PGA European Tour, or the European Tour is the biggest pro golf tour in Europe. It is also known as the DP World Tour. Dubai-based DP, are the current sponsor of the tour. The HQ of the tour is based at the beautiful Wentworth golf course in Surrey. The tour was founded in the 1970s, specifically in 1972. There are also two additional tours that fit under the umbrella. These are the European Senior Tour and the Challenge Tour.

The PGA European Tour is controlled by golfers. The main objective is to generate income for golfers playing in tournaments. Tournaments are predominantly held in Europe, although an increasing amount of tournaments are now being held outside of Europe. The tournament is considered to be the second biggest in the golfing world. Prize money is half of the main American golf tournament. Many players will play in this tournament in addition to others. There is a minimum requirement of tournaments a golfer must partake in each season.

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