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Shop for signed football boots featuring genuine autographs of some of the world’s biggest football stars.

It was back in 1526 when the first mention of football boots was made in the clothing of King Henry VIII. He was the first person in the world to have his own pair of boots made. The first studded football boots (known as cleats in the US) were first developed in 1891, before then studs were not allowed, despite the clear advantages of having them!

The development of the typical boots has been gradual over time. Early players simply ran out in their workboots which was far from ideal. Later models featured metal studs to aid grip but the designs were heavy and cumbersome; leather ankle boots which would become waterlogged in the wet, adding to the already heavy design.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that football boots became lighter and more flexible. The big brands of the time put a lot of effort into the process, producing lighter models, with plastic studs and moulded soles, which performed much better in the rain. The likes of Puma and Adidas ruled, but other brands started to appear, such as Nike and Under Armour. In the ’90s manufacturers started sponsoring players, which brings us to today where the very best in hi tech materials is used, to make football boots even lighter and more easy to wear.

Old style boots are hard to find, most are in museums, but occasionally a vintage pair of signed football boots will come onto the market. The most expensive? A paid of Rio Ferdinand boots valued at close on £135,000! They were made in a collaboration between Nike and Luisa Di Marco.