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Signed Tottenham MemorabiliaIf you are looking for 100% genuine signed Tottenham shirts and memorabilia, then you have come to the right place. We sell only authentic, hand signed collectibles.

Club History

White Hart Lane residents Tottenham Hotspur are widely recognised as cup specialists in the Premier League. Their gleaming trophy cabinet features a veritable treasure trove of silverware – the product of an incredible eight FA Cup wins, two Premier League titles and two Europa League triumphs. What better gist than a framed signed Spurs shirt?

The club first opened its doors in 1882 at Tottenham Marshes, moving twice before finally settling at the iconic White Hart Lane. They were the only non-league team to win the FA Cup back in 1901 – a triumph that almost certainly shaped the club’s future for years to come. Throughout the club’s illustrious history many career-making moments and breakthroughs – from Gazza’s unforgettable free kick at the FA-Cup Semi-Final in 1991 to their 5-1 triumph against Chelsea in 2001.

Signed Tottenham Shirts

Spurs started their career playing in navy blue shirts, and went through a variety of colours, including sky blue and white and orange and yellow before settling on the classic combination of navy and white in 1889-90. The cockerel was added just after the first world war, and was a reference to Sir Henry Hotspur who owned the site of the original ground at Northumberland Park.

Tottenham Signed Memorabilia

We offer shirts signed by some of the greatest Tottenham Hotspur players in history, including Harry Kane, Gareth Bale, and Glenn Hoddle. Each shirt comes with a certificate of authenticity and many are beautifully framed and ready to display in your home or office.

Spurs fans will love our spectacular range of signed Tottenham shirts, boots, & photos, autographed by some of the club’s most famous alumni.

Signed Tottenham Shirts – What better way to show your appreciation of club or player than a framed Tottenham shirt on the wall?

Signed Tottenham Balls, Boots, Photos – So much to chose from to collect. Tottenham memorabilia make a great investment and makes excellent gifts!

Whether you are a long-time collector of signed spurs memorabilia or this is your first foray into the world of collecting signed Tottenham collectibles, we have a huge collection of exclusive items for you to choose from.

Each and every one comes straight from direct from the source with proof of signing or from accredited dealers, supplied with a holographic certificate of authenticity to ensure.

We have a great collection of framed Tottenham shirts but If you would like advice or information on having any other piece of memorabilia framing then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur!

Why buy Tottenham Signed Shirts?

  • To show your support for the club and its players. A signed Tottenham shirt is a great way to show your support for the club and its players. It is also a unique and personal way to commemorate a special occasion, such as the club winning a trophy or qualifying for a major tournament.
  • To increase the value of your collection. Signed Tottenham shirts can be a valuable addition to any collection. As the club continues to grow in popularity, so too will the value of signed shirts.
  • To pass down to future generations. A signed Tottenham shirt is a great way to pass down your love of the club to future generations. It is a tangible reminder of the club’s history and its achievements.