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The English Premier League (EPL) is the top flight of English football, consisting of twenty football clubs. Sitting just below it is the England Football League (EFL) whose top three teams are promoted in to the Premiership at the end of each season. At the same time the bottom three of the table in the Premier League are dropped in to the EFL, maintaining the number each season.

The league was set up in 1992 to replace the old First Division as a break-away from the Football league which was formed over a century earlier. This was mainly to slim down the number of top clubs and to take advantage of lucrative television deals which can easily top £2bn a year in worldwide TV rights.

Each team plays a total of 38 matches during the season which runs from August to May and these matches, which attract an average of 38,000 fans per game, are broadcast on TV on Saturdays with some on Sundays. The most watched sporting events in the world, the league is shown in 212 countries to an estimated 643 households!

The top 4 clubs each season qualify for the European competition, so there is an intense fight each season to grab one of these places.

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