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England Signed MemorabiliaIf you are looking for genuine signed England shirts then you have come to the right place!

Football, the beautiful game, originated here in England in the late 1800s. At the same time the Football Association of England (now known as the FA) was born. At this point, the rules and regulations of the game as we now know it were set, and they remain largely unchanged to this day. Despite being the birthplace of the sport, England has received a mixed reception on the world stage over the years. The nation’s spectators have watched through their fingers as goals have been narrowly missed and tight games have been lost to penalties.

Despite this, the spirit is strong and the culture of football in Britain has never lost its sparkle or its wide-reaching support. At each tournament, thousands turn out to watch their favourite players.

Signed England Shirts

The history of the iconic ‘three lions’ football shirt goes right back to 1872 when the first all white kit with a collarless shirt, blue socks and cap was introduced. It was for the first international with Scotland, played in Glasgow. This was updated in 1882 with the first collared shirt with buttons down the front. This design remained constant until 1954 when Umbro designed the new kit and the collar was removed, making it the first V-neck shirt. There were various other changes to the England football kit along the way including alternating the colour of the shorts and socks between red and navy blue. In 1960 England played in all white for the first time. In late 1960 Bukta took over the design of the kit and various colour alternatives were introduced. In was necessary to change the strip during international games where the opposing team also played in white. Hence in 1966 England and Germany tossed a coin to decide who would play in white. The home team lost of course and that’s why you see the iconic red England football shirts.

During the ’60s the shirts alternated variously between V-neck and round neck, finally settling in 1965/5. The ’70’s would see the team play in white, red, yellow, and even sky blue! 1974 say the return of the V-neck and coloured arm stripes, and during the ’80’s fashion seemed to take over as the team wore all manner of red/white and blue combinations. Collars came back in the 1990’s only to disappear again in  2000. With Nike’s acquisition of Umbro, they became official England shirt designers in 2012 and the shirts underwent many difference redesigns and variations. The 2022 design, with its round neck takes us all the way back to the early ’60’s with its embroidered white cotton design and revised pearlescent FA three lions logo.

Needless to say, no one has a complete collection – imagine if you owned one of these early gems? Better still if you had a signed England shirt from one of the early kits! Better start collecting!

Signed England Boots

We could write a whole book on England football boots with early brands included Valsport, Gola and Hummel, but it will be no surprise that they are now dominated by Nike and Adidas! Apart from the obvious revolution in design, they are still basically a boot with studs underneath to aid grip.

England Memorabilia

Looking for signed England football memorabilia? You’ve come to the right place. Our selection of England signed football collectables is extra special. Each piece has been carefully sourced and hand selected, featuring genuine signatures from some of England’s finest international players from past and present.

When you browse our collections you’ll find unique items including signed England football shirts, boots, balls and photographs. The collection features items autographed by England football legends such as Alan Shearer, Peter Shilton and Paul Scholes as well as more recent players,  Steven Gerrard, Jack Wilshere and Adam Lallana – they’re all here at Firma Stella.

Feel the pride as you celebrate the triumphs and tribulations of our infamous three lions. Imagine holding a signed 1966 shirt or having it framed on your wall! All our signed England football memorabilia comes with a certificate of authenticity so you can be sure you’re purchasing a sound investment.