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At Firma Stella international football is one of our speciality subjects. With so many incredible players, clubs and events to commemorate, it is certainly a very special sport. Our international football signed memorabilia collection is second to none, featuring signed international balls, shirts and special mounted displays from teams around the world. Provenance is very important to us, which is why each and every item comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Football has long been a spectator sport known for bringing people and nations together. Known as ‘the beautiful game’, it originated in England in the late 1800s. Originally football was a hybrid sport before it became the sport it is today, using only the lower body to propel the ball around the field. Now, most countries boast a national team, with the world’s footballers coming together every four years for the keenly anticipated World Cup.

Many other tournaments take place throughout each year – including the Europa League, UEFA (European Football Championships) Champions League and Africa Cup of Nations. There are many other smaller competitions – with an estimated 211 teams affiliated and registered with FIFA, the world’s football governing body (Federation Internationale de Football Association).

Our international football signed memorabilia collection is second to none. It includes an inspiring and diverse selection of items from all over the world. Signed shirts from Colombia and international goalkeeper gloves from Brazil to Pepe equipment from Portugal and boots signed by Spain’s star strikers.

Whether you’re remembering the World Cup when your favourite team won or want to invest in something collectable, our collection of signed international football memorabilia is sure to deliver.

Each and every item is supplied with a certificate of authenticity, so your investment is sure to retain its value and can continue to grow in importance as years go by.