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If you are looking for signed World Cup memorabilia then you have come to the right place. We have a vast selection of signed FIFA World Cup shirts and other memorabilia.

So big and influential, it is often known as just ‘The World Cup’, the tournament is a worldwide phenomenon of epic proportions. Millions, if not billions of people around the tune in on their TVs to watch the world’s greatest football stars in action in the most prestigious competition of all – the prize? The Jules Rimet trophy from 1930 to 1970 and the FIFA World Cup Trophy or the Coupe de Monde today. All of the senior men’s teams are part of Fédération Internationale de Football Association or FIFA, the governing body.

All of the teams play in their own national colours – for England it has always been white; but who can forget (no England fan can!) their epic win in red jerseys in 1966? These Signed World Cup shirts can go for vast sums, so here is your chance to get ahead of the curve and tuck one away, before the excitement of the competition pushes values up even more!

World Cup Timeline

The history of the World Cop stretches right back to 1872 when England and Scotland played a challenge match that resulted in a 0-0 draw. Since the formation of FIFA in 1904, and a failed attempt in 1906 of getting a contest together outside of the Olympics, the event has ballooned in size. First played as part of the 1920 Olympics and repeated in 1924 and 1928 it became a standalone tournament in 1930. Signed World Cup shirts and memorabilia from these early games are worth a small fortune, with the highest ever price paid being £157,750 for a 1970 World Cup Pele shirt, which even surpassed Geoff Hurt’s 1966 red shirt which went for £91,750.

In 1930 the very first official tournament took place in Uruguay. It has been played every four years since, barring 1942 and 1946 when a rather large skirmish in Europe got in the way! Luckily the Qatar 2022 World Cup straddled the world pandemic of 2020/21 and apart from the controversy surrounding workers’ rights in the country, the tournament is set to be just as spectacular as in previous years.

The qualifying stages take place over the three years leading up to the main event, and involve thirty-two teams, including the host nation, who automatically qualify, competing for the title at venues within the host nation over a month.

Television coverage of the cup commenced in 1954; people no longer had to rely on grainy newspaper images of their heroes. The broadcasts immediately showed fans around the world what the stars looked like and hastened the need for each team to be instantly recognisable in their own colours. Of course, this increased demand for replica kits and exploded the interest in genuine signed world cup memorabilia.

According to FIFA, the 2018 World Cup final between France and Croatia had more than 1.1 billion viewers watching over the 90 minutes of the game. The modern tournament is sponsored by the world’s biggest brands from Coca Cola, Adidas, and McDonalds.

Wold Cup 2022 Qatar

A record 211 countries are competing for the 2022 World Cup which is a new record. This will involve 258 matches between the nations that are all members of the UEFA football association. Qatar has spent $200bn on the 2022 World Cup. This has been spent on new stadiums, hotels and the infrastructure required to host such a prestigious event. It is the first time for the tournament to be held in winter, because of the extremely high temperatures in the country – in excess of 50°! Another interesting fact to note is that although Qatar is essentially a ‘dry’ country and alcohol will not be available at the stadiums, so-called Fan Zones throughout the country will sell cheap alcohol and allow fans to see the live action.

World Cup Memorabilia

Signed World Cup memorabilia has become the stuff of legend, with extremely high prices paid. Historical pieces tend to increase in value as the years go buy so their reputation as a sound investment is solid.

Firma Stella sells 100% authentic world cup shirts and related merchandise. Whether you are a collector or are buying for someone special, our collectibles include autographs from the world’s top stars. We have autographed items from previous tournaments as well as Qatar 2022 memorabilia including signed jerseys, boots, gloves and photos.

Remember also that we are able to frame any item purchased, so if it’s a framed World Cup shirt you are looking for, look no further. England were UEFA group 1 winners in November 2021 so it looks like it’s going to be an amazing tournament for the team, specially after the Women’s team won the UEFA championship.