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Marcelo is one the best left-backs to have played the game. The Brazilian legend is an extremely attacking player known for his flair, speed, dribbling, and ability to wow a crowd. He is a typical Brazilian player with his creativity, skill, touch, and natural tendency to attack. This makes him hugely popular at every club he’s played for and worldwide. He is a national icon in his native Brazil, a huge nation who are football crazy. The population of Brazil is over 200 million people. The yellow Brazil top is a like a national symbol. A signed Marcelo jersey, particularly in the yellow of Brazil, would look great hung up on the wall.

He has played almost 400 games for Real Madrid and has a reel of titles under his belt. Marcelo has won five Champions League titles and six La Liga titles. Added to this, he has won four FIFA World Cups and three UEFA Super Cups.


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