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Football Memorabilia

Here you’ll find an extensive collection of 100% genuine football autographs on a variety of items.

Firma Stella is one of the biggest memorabilia shops online. We are passionate about sourcing exclusive soccer related autographs. Our collections include items hand signed by some of the world’s best football players from iconic international clubs including Manchester United, AC Milan, Barcelona and PSG.

What’s The Best Football Memorabilia To Buy?

Buy memorabilia that feels special to you. If you are a fan of particular football team or player then buy an item that features their autograph. That way you will be proud to display it! Signed football shirts are the most expensive, but there are also footballs, boots, gloves, armbands and for a cheaper price, signed photos.

Are Signed Football Shirts Valuable?

Clubs have morphed into super-clubs with their associated merchandise and millionaire star players! As such the market for signed football shirts has rocketed as fans collect and investors look for more novel places to store their money. This has made signed shirts the pinnacle of football memorabilia collecting!

Should I Frame My Football Shirt?

There are so many reasons why you should frame your shirt, from simply keeping it clean to displaying your investment on the wall. Many of the shirts we sell are loose, so they will arrive, well packaged but unframed. You can either frame it yourself, with the associated cost and inconvenience or use our shirt framing service so that your shirt arrives framed.

What’s The Most Expensive Piece of Football Memorabilia?

The most expensive piece of football memorabilia every sold was Diego Maradona’s 1986 Hand of God shirt. It went for more than £7.14m!

Football Shirts History

You have to go a long way further back to find the origins of the football kit. It was back in 1526 when the first mention of football boots was made in the clothing of King Henry VIII. We then need to whizz forward more than three hundred years before the first use of coloured football shirts is mentioned to separate one team from another. It was 1840 when in an image of Winchester College where the two teams are defined as the college boys wearing blue and the commoners wearing red!

It was only in 1867 that a general rulebook was published which suggested that teams use different colours or designs; for example, one plain, the other striped. Standard strips arrived in the 1870s when schools and colleges started playing in their own colours. In 1890 this was set in stone as the Football League, which was formed in 1888, determined that no two teams should play in the same colours. By the 1970s teams were redesigning their kits to be even more striking, with Leeds leading the way in developing replica kits. Football  shirts continued to develop in style and design, often with the manufacturers logo on one side, the club logo on the other and the official sponsors on the front. The trend for framed football shirts really took off in the wake of 1966 World Cup when serious footie fans wanted to buy a memento of the event.

It’s fascinating to look at the archives of football shirt development club by club.

Framed Football Shirts

Many of our signed football shirts, footballs and jerseys are sold already framed. We also offer a full shirt framing service. This is available on every product page which you can select at the time of ordering.

Football Memorabilia

We have a number of ways you can display your new football autographs Please contact us for information and guidance on mounting, display and aftercare and we’ll be more than happy to help.

We hope we have something for every football fan, whether you’re looking to buy as an investment, as a gift, or simply to add to your own collection of football collectables.

We pride ourselves on being the best supplier of soccer memorabilia around. Our items are true collectables, as can be seen from the recorded provenance that we get during each signing. Every item comes with a hologram COA for your peace of mind.