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Our comprehensive collection of signed film memorabilia comes from the world’s greatest film and movie stars. We have a large selection of signed film photos and frames.

Films are also referred to as movies or motion pictures. They are a form of visual art that communicates ideas, stories, feelings, and atmosphere via moving images. Traditionally films were created by recording onto celluloid film stock through a photochemical process. They were then projected onto a large screen via a movie projector. Nowadays moving images are filmed by photographing scenes via a motion picture camera. Visual effects are added via Computer Generated Imagery and computer animation.

The production and showing of motion pictures became a huge profit-making industry. In America, the film industry is located around California, specifically in Hollywood.  The Oscars or Academy Awards recognise outstanding achievements in the film and movie industry. Awards are given to Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture amongst many others.

We have a large selection of signed film memorabilia and movie star autographs. All of our film collectibles have been hand-signed by some of the world’s biggest film and movie superstars.