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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How has F1 memorabilia evolved over the years?

F1 memorabilia has evolved, with older items becoming increasingly rare and valuable. The market for F1 memorabilia has also expanded with the growth in the popularity of the sport. Advances in technology have allowed for more sophisticated and detailed F1 memorabilia items such as 3D printed replicas of famous cars and components.

Who are the most collectible F1 drivers?

Stars from the past are always popular, like Jackie Stewart, Sterling Moss and Damon Hill, but the biggest star drivers of today, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are the most in demand.

How do I care for my F1 memorabilia?

Care for your F1 collection by avoiding direct sunlight which tends to fade autographs. Control humidity levels and protect the items from dust and pollutants.

How can I display my F1 memorabilia collection?

There are several ways of displaying an F1 memorabilia collection, including mounting in frames, using display cases, mounting on walls or shelves.

How do I authenticate F1 Memorabilia?

Buying from a reputable dealer and obtaining a certificate of authenticity is the best way of ensuring that the F1 memorabilia you buy is genuine.

Do we pay customs fees?

Unfortunately, we’re not responsible for customs fees. Customs fees are charged by your specific country customs & we have no control over the charges.

I need an item ASAP, what can you do for me?

We are happy to help and we get that things can be last minute! If you need a hand let us know and one of our team can help manage your order and get it out to you as soon as possible.

How do I know this is authentic?

Everything we sell on Firma Stella is guaranteed 100% Authentic. Most of the autographs we sell on the website have been acquired in person by our team. Where we can we show a photo or video of the actual signing process. Of course, not all stars like to be filmed while signing. We stand by every product and issue a Certificate of Authenticity for all items.

Does this item come with a Certificate?

All items come fully authenticated with a Firma Stella Certificate of Authenticity. This is your lifetime guarantee & features a unique matching hologram that corresponds to the signed item.

How long does delivery take & Do you offer next day delivery?

Delivery takes 48 hours on the free delivery option and we do offer next day delivery for a small charge. Please see our Delivery page.

If an item is not pre-framed:  All of our frames are built to order by our dedicated team so we advise to allow 3 days for orders to be processed prior to dispatch by your selected courier choice. Once dispatched, the order will be marked as completed and you will automatically be notified with a completion email that contains tracking details.

Do you buy memorabilia? (Where can I sell it)

On some occasions we will buy signed memorabilia from other companies but only if we can be 100% certain of the providence. Note: We do not buy memorabilia from members of the public.

I’ve had an email from customs

We are based in the UK. If you are based abroad, Customs have the right to contact you regarding your parcel, and may charge you an import fee. Unfortunately, we have no control over international Customs and if a fee is requested in order for your parcel to be released to you, this would need to be paid.

My item has arrived damaged, what can I do?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we want to get this sorted for you as soon as possible. If you reply to your order confirmation with photos of the damaged item and the condition that the packaging arrived in we’ll be happy to look into this for you.

Something is missing from my order

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we want to get this sorted for you as soon as possible. If you reply to your order confirmation stating what item was missing from your order we’ll be happy to help.

Do you sell items with printed signatures?

No. All our items are hand-signed / live ink signatures, we only deal in authentic. This means that we usually only have one of each. So get it while you can.

Do you have more than one of an item?

All our items are hand signed which makes them all unique so it is rare for us to have multiple of one item. So once it’s sold, it’s sold.

The description is missing

We upload new products daily and make sure we can show you all we’ve got! As such, product descriptions and details are usually posted at a later date. If you have any questions about who has signed an item just ask!

How Big Are The Items?

Our items vary in sizes and the size of the item is linked to the name:

Photo display with black mount board – 16 x 12 inches
Photo display smaller black mount board- 12 x 10 inches
Signed ‘poster photo’ – 18×12 inches
Premium framed display – 100cm x 78cm
Framed shirt 99 x 83cm

Do you deliver overseas?

We offer fast worldwide shipping on all of the items on our website. Please see our Delivery page.

I’d like to know how much my item is worth?

We have extensive knowledge of international valuations for autographed items and rely on this when pricing our items. We do not provide valuations for third party items nor can we provide you with valuations for your own personal items. Note: We do not buy memorabilia from members of the public.

I live nearby, can I come & purchase the item & pick up?

We operate a secure pick & pack facility which does not accept personal visitors from buyers. We apologise for this but it is the only way we can operate securely.

I haven’t received my item, the estimated date was yesterday but still not received?

Like all online retailers, we rely on Royal Mail and other courier services to get the items to you. On the rare occasion a delivery is late please contact us and we will trace the items for you.

How can I track my order?

Once dispatched, the order will be marked as completed and you will automatically be notified with a completion email that contains tracking details. If you’ve not received a completion email then your order is still processing with our team and they are working hard to get this out to you.

If the tracking information was missing from your completion email then please contact us with your order number requesting tracking – we’d be happy to get that tracking to you.

It said the item comes with photo proof but didn’t receive?

We always aim to provide photo proof of items being signed, however sometimes this is not possible. If we have photo proof for a certain item this will be listed on the product page.

If, on the rare occasion photo proof is missing when it should have been provided, please contact us immediately. You can trust us 100%, so if something is not received we will put it right.

Can you frame my item?

We can frame anything and we offer two framing styles for most items, Classic and Premium. Classic is always simple and straightforward and our Premium is a more detailed style of framing the item. If you have a questions about framing please contact us

Can you offer a discount if I purchase a bulk order?

We do not normally give discounts as every item is priced to sell. However, if you would like to discuss this with us if you have a large bulk order then by all means contact us.

How many of these do you have in stock?

Every item is listed on our website. Our products are unique in every case. Sometimes we may sell more than one item signed by a sports star or team, but the autographs will still be separately signed.

How do you get your items signed?

We have a number of methods: our staff travel to sports events all around the world, we work directly with the sports stars & we also purchase items from 100% trustworthy sources. Please ask us for more details on specific items  – We will provide signing locations on request.

Why aren’t you a member of any autograph groups?

Many of these so called ‘autograph verification’ sites are set up by individuals and some have even been infiltrated by companies selling copies or fakes. Rather than be part of a potentially corrupt network we would rather expound the virtues of our own signing process. We do not need the verification of potentially vulnerable third party organisations to do this for us.

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