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Stirling Moss is considered the best racing driver not to have won a World Championship. He came close on a number of occasions, finishing runner-up in four seasons and third place in the remaining three seasons in F1. He raced in 66 F1 races finishing on the podium 24 times. Of those races, he was victorious in 16 of them. He entered the F1 stage in 1961 racing in the Swiss Grand Prix. It took him until 1955 to win his first Grand Prix. This was aptly at the British Grand Prix where he roared to victory in front of his home crowd. A memorable moment for the racing legend.

Moss broke numerous speed records. His first one was in 1950 when he and two other drivers averaged over 100mph over a 24-hour period. In 1958 he averaged a speed of 245 miles per hour in an MG. This was why he was called the Flying Scot! Moss was a huge celebrity which led to countless TV and public appearances, including a This Is Your Life special.  He ventured into broadcasting following his retirement from racing. Moss remained a well-known and respected public figure until his death in 2020. Signed Stirling Moss memorabilia as such remains a collector’s item. More so due to the fact he was given a knighthood in 2000, by the now King Charles III.

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