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The New Zealand men’s international cricket team and nicknamed the Black Caps.  They became known as the Black Caps in January 1998 when Clear Communications had a competition to choose a nickname for the team.  Clear Communications sponsored the New Zealand cricket team at the time.  The nickname is related to the national rugby team, the All Blacks.

The first reported game of cricket was noted in December 1832 when boys were playing cricket on Horotutu Beach in Paihia.  A few years later in 1835, Charles Darwin called into the Bay of Islands on HMS Beagle on it’s circumnavigation of the Earth.  Darwin saw a game of cricket played between Maori slaves and the son of a missionary.

The first official recorded game of cricket took place in Wellington in December 1842.  It was played between a red team and a blue team from the Wellington Club.  England XI were the first team to tour New Zealand in 1863-64.  The New Zealand national team played their first game in 1894 when they played New South Wales in Christchurch.  They played their first two internationals against Australia in 1904-05.

As of 2019, New Zealand have played 1,324 international matches and have won 505 of these.  New Zealand are ranked an impressive 2nd in Tests, 3rd in One Day Internationals and 6th in T20 Internationals.  They have lost in the Final in the last two Cricket World Cups.  They lost to Australia in the final in 2015 and to England in the 2019 Final.