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Firma Stella has one goal – to be the worlds biggest sports memorabilia company, and we want you to join us and share our success! Are you a sports fanatic? not shy of hard work? Are you focused and committed? Are you the right person to join us and help lead our charge into the future? If so, read on:


Firma Stella Company Profile

  • The UK’s Champions Retailer of Signed Sports Memorabilia
  • The highest rated Sports Memorabilia Company in the World on Trust Pilot
  • Transformed from £0 to over £1.5 million turnover within two years
  • Partnered to some of the biggest sporting stars in the World
  • Featured in the Daily Mirror, Talk Sport, Independent, Telegraph, 442, Rugby World, Worcester News, Non-League Paper & The Rugby Paper.

Our Culture

Here at Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia, you will work side-by-side with a team of individuals that all share the same vision. Every team member is committed to personal growth, continuous innovation, and the drive to succeed. No task is ever too big, no problem is ever too challenging. We get the job done.

Our day is driven by the mindset & values that set us apart from other memorabilia companies. These are the non-negotiables that every member of staff adheres to.




We always think big. It’s all about the bigger picture. We will be the number one sports memorabilia company in the world. No matter what problem we face, no matter how many times we fail, no matter how many times we get rejected. We never give up. We go after a project or campaign to get results. We work hard & make sure we succeed. We make it happen.


  • Positivity: With our positive can-do attitude, no task is ever too big, no problem is ever too challenging. Positivity breeds success. Be positive in all that we do.
  • Excellence: We strive to perform our roles to the highest of standards. We are always look to improve or refine processes, and are never happy to just settle. Be excellent in all that we do.
  • Hard-Working – We’re always working 100% towards becoming the number one sports memorabilia brand in the world. We always set our targets high, and through our attitude, commitment, and work-ethic, we achieve them. Be hard-working in all that we do. 
  • Communication – Both amongst the Firma Stella team & to our customers, suppliers and contractors – be clear, positive & precise. Communication is integral to the success of the business. Communicate well in all that we do.
  • Trust – As the highest rated sports memorabilia company in the world, we’re trusted by our customers, which is crucial with sports memorabilia – authenticity is everything. Trust is fundamental in our team. We trust each other to fulfil our roles and responsibilities to the best of our abilities. Trust in all that we do.


2022 – 2023 VISION


We will become the number one Sports Memorabilia company in the World

  • We will have the highest turnover & profit and become a multi-million pound company
  • We will offer a five-star service from our five-star staff
  • We will offer the world’s most exclusive range of items
  • We will have a worldwide brand – open up a franchise in the USA


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