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Shop for signed boxing gloves from some of the world’s best-ever boxers! Boxing gloves are the most crucial item in a boxer’s locker. They are cushioned gloves that boxers wear on their hands during boxing matches and practice bouts. Modern boxing gloves are non-lethal, unlike ancient ‘fist-loaded weapons’ which were built as weapons to inflict maximum damage on an opponent. It is thought modern boxing gloves began emerging during the 1890s. After many years of engineering, modern-day boxing gloves include velcro, leather-based stitching, suspension cushioning, mesh palm and new padding. The International Boxing Association is responsible for approving new glove designs, based around weight, padding, leather and support.

Boxing Gloves History

Fighters in ancient Greece used to wrap their hands in leather bands for protection. Early gloves are depicted in Minoan Crete wall paintings from 1500BC. The oldest examples ever discovered of signed boxing gloves are Roman, circa 120AD. The popularity in one of the world’s oldest sports accelerated in Britain in the 17th century, but it wasn’t until the 18th century that bare knuckle fighter Jack Broughton introduced the first rules (Broughton’s Law) which saw the first modern gloves which were used for practice only.  In 1867 they were made mandatory when the Marquess of Queensbury Rules were adopted, although they were actually written by John Graham Chambers, a Welsh sportsman. The basic design of boxing gloves haven’t changed over the years with horsehair and foam being used for padding. While the leather laces have been replaced by a touch closing, the idea of a heavily padded glove has stayed the same. Some of the most expensive items of boxing memorabilia are coveted signed boxing gloves from some of the world’s biggest stars like Mohammed Ali.

There are different types of gloves. Bag gloves and for punching bags, although aren’t recommended by trainers for any boxing training; Bag mitts to little protection to strengthen the boxer’s hand; Sparring gloves as the name suggests are designed for sparring and are usually 2 to 4 oz heavier than competition gloves; Competition gloves are intended to help both athletes during competition and generally less padded than other gloves. They have a white area at the front known as the scoring area. There are also lace-up boxing gloves used in training and competition.

Boxing gloves have had an influence on other fighting sports such as MMA. Grappling gloves or MMA gloves originate from boxing gloves. They are open fingered and open palm are used in mixed martial arts bouts. These are similar to the Kempo gloves as worn by Bruce Lee in the movie Enter the Dragon.