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About Firma Stella

Firma Stella is reputable, exciting, & genuine

Welcome to Firma Stella – The champion retailer of authentic signed sports memorabilia.

A Little History & Why Firma Stella?

Our owner Peter Johnson is half Italian and half English, hence the name of the company – Firma – ‘Signature’ and ‘Stella’ – Star in Italian!  As a child, he became obsessed with collecting autographs, turning up at sports grounds around the country to collect as many as he possibly could. This was the basis for starting the company in his early 20’s. He and his staff now travel the world to various events and has built the company up to be the leading retailer.  The company has been built from the ground up, self-financed with years of blood sweat and tears going into it, driven by the passions of the owner – sports, travel and entrepreneurship!

Why are we different?

We understand the power of memorabilia. It connects individuals with teams, players and historical events. It’s this connection, this bond, that creates a strong emotional pull, allowing fans and collectors alike to share in the pure joy, the vicarious sharing of the achievements of high profile personalities. A physical manifestation of sporting prowess and historical encounters.  Firma Stella’s number one aim is to provide one off unique exclusive memorabilia. We guarantee that all our items are authentic. We also like to show you our items are authentic. We often show the items being signed – photo proof!

One of A Kind Exclusivity

We’re unlike other retailers. All of our items are one of a kind, one-offs,  exclusive & unique! In these troubled times, we cannot emphasise enough the rarity value of the products we sell.

Where do we obtain our items?

Firma Stella obtains its stock both in person and from purely trustworthy sources which provide full provenance. We also work with players directly. Our experienced staff travel around the world to obtain exclusive pieces. Our blog, Twitter and Facebook feature Firma Stella’s regular travels so please follow them.  Please sign up for our newsletter to see our newest products first!

Lightning Fast Delivery

Firma Stella is a worldwide company. We offer next day delivery within the UK, to the US & Europe! Our aspiration is to become the biggest and most trustworthy retailer in the world! We are a rapidly growing company in an exclusive niche. Our passion and youthful enthusiasm are infused through everything we do. We will be world number 1!

World Class Customer Service

We don’t just sell you an item! Our world-class customer service is just as exclusive. Pick up the phone, contact us by email and see for your self! There are so many ways to connect with us – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Charity & Community

We are a community company. Working with charities is a personal goal of the owner. We also work with some of the UK’s biggest sports companies including Four Four Two and Rugby World.

Community - Firma Stella

Firma Stella Owner Peter Johnson Donating to Headway Worcestershire

Do our items really come with photographic proof?

photographic proof - firma stella

Andy Murray signing for Firma Stella©

Our experienced staff travel around the world to obtain exclusive items many of which have exact photographic proof of signing. Sometimes it is not always possible to take a photo. Where it is available, you will see the image on the product page. If you require this photo, we can send it to you via email once the order is confirmed. We also watermark our photographic proof to ensure they cannot be replicated.

Do our items come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

Firma Stella provides an exclusive Certificate of Authenticity for each item, which is a signed 100% guarantee of authenticity.