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Autographed Football Shirts

About Firma Stella

The Champions Of Signed Sports Memorabilia – Selling The World’s Most Exclusive Autographs

Welcome to Firma Stella – The champions of authentic signed sports memorabilia.  We sell the freshest most exciting, exclusive pieces signed by the world’s top stars!

Our experienced staff travel around the world to obtain exclusive sports star autographs on a variety of items, obtaining photographic proof whenever we can in order to set ourselves apart from other companies. We also buy in collections from trusted sources but only when we can establish full and complete provenance.  Every item of autographed sports memorabilia, whether it’s a signed photo, football or jersey comes with a genuine Certificate of Authenticity and Free UK delivery. We also offer fast worldwide shipping in 1-7 days with next day delivery to Europe.

The market for sports autographs and signatures is fiercely competitive which is why we work so hard to capture the very moment the sports star or player signs on of our items. Of course, not every star likes autographing sports memorabilia but we encourage our scouts to ensure that whenever it can be done, it is. Collecting sports memorabilia has become a passion for many with some items going for staggering sums because of rarity. As the years pass fewer items are available from the world’s biggest stars which has pushed up values. A pair of signed Muhammed Ali gloves sold for $836,000 back in 2014. They were worn in Ali’s 1964 fight with Sonny Liston. A signed Cristiano Ronaldo shirt recently sold for over £8000! If you have one of these items in your collection then you may be sitting on a goldmine!

While some of our higher-priced, rarer pieces find their way into some of the world’s most exclusive collections, other signed items are given as Christmas and Birthday presents. There is nothing better for us to receive a photo of an ecstatic father receiving a signed shirt from his proud son. Check out our Facebook feed for some amazing photos from our customers!

Whether you are looking for one of our signature collector pieces or something more modest for a loved one, you will find it in our extensive collections. Trust Firma Stella – The Champions of Sports Memorabilia!

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Why buy from us?

  1. We are one of the largest retailers of authentic signed sports memorabilia

  2. We have 10 years experience sourcing & selling our unique items

  3. Photo proof of the stars signing for many items

  4. National recognition – we work with Four Four Two, Rugby World and other magazines

  5. Rarity – All our items are unique – one-offs, exclusive to you

  6. 100% lifetime guarantee – Certificate of Authenticity with matching holograms

  7. In-house photography – what you see is what you get

  8. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our reviews on Trustpilot & Google

  9. Fast Worldwide shipping

  10. Free UK Tracked Delivery

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